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Added to this, there is a built in monocular which will let you see objects at up to x8 magnification, and a digital sound recorder to record the sounds you hear. You will even be getting a fine tuning frequency knob to adjust how wide the sound reception is, in order to focus in on one sound.

Manufacturer Specifications
Sound Distance: 100 Meters Max
Built-in Monocular: magnification x8
Digital Sound Recorder: 12 seconds (new file records over last)
Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
Power Source: 1x 9V Battery
Dimensions - Sound Gun: 175x280x55 (LxWxD) - Sound Dish: 250mm round 60mm(D) - Stereo Headphone: Adjustable Length 160mm~200mm
Manufacturer Ref: VAWZ73LNX7EX
Product Notes
Sound Band Adjustment: Expands/Narrows the cone of sounds picked up to find particular sounds
Sound Playback
Line in to transfer sound file to tape recorder

Product Notes
Model CVETM-SBE001 Bionic Ear